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About us

About us



Since the past ten years, we have gradually surpassed our goals in the stainless steel industry. Over the years, our love for work has helped us pivot our path to success. Today, we are still proud of its past but focus on its future.

Board of manager


Formerly known as Quyet Thang building materials business, he specializes in providing iron and steel materials for construction of factories, prefabricated houses, …

Transformed the business model into a limited company called Vi Na Dong Thang. The company put into operation the iron-shaped and iron processing system with many cutting and welding machines with high precision.

The company continues to put into operation 2 thick sheet cutting machines with new technology “CNC” for high precision and outstanding quality.

The company continues to promote investment in coil slitter cutting machine, angle steel rolling machine with many advanced technologies such as PLC control system, servo motor system and precision control system.

Dong Thang launched a system of high-capacity foot stamping machines originating from Japan